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"PROXIMA" Co. Ltd. offers you acoustic wall panels especially used for TV and radio studios, sound insulation of discotheques, the movie theatres according to Ecophon technology (Sweden). We also submit you a good novelty unit - Ecophon acoustic ceilings allowing to embody any designing decisions, including provision of a high degree of reflection and light diffusion, sound insulation, water proofness and impact resistance.

Ecophon ceiling plates are produced from glass fibre of high density bounded with resin and micro porous painted surface. The plate thickness is from 12 to 40 m. A wide range of color spectrum, plates typical dimensions and edges options allows to create unique designs. Curve-lined ceiling systems provide constructional flexibility together with acoustic indices maintenance.

By classification of sound insulating materials, the Ecophon ceilings meet the class A (the highest one). The higher is the sound insulation class, the shorter is reverberation time, i.e. echo, and the more legible is articulation and intelligibility and the fewer are interferences of strange noises.

The Ecophon suspended ceiling has excellent indices of reflection and light energy diffusion providing good lighting for the premise both at daylight and artificial light. The ceilings are water proof being not subject to sagging, deformation or lamination.
Access to inter-ceiling space (where electric cables, ventilation ducts, etc. are located) is easy without any danger to damage edges or the panel itself.
Impact resistant panels 40 mm thick have a reinforced surface which can resist significant loads.



The Ecophon constructions and panels were used by our company for MATRIX discotheque ceiling (the European Square, the "Dnipro" hotel). For floor coating we used TARKETT Acoustiflo (Sweden) with the sound insulation factor of +17 db *.

Experts of the Tik-Tak company dealing with insonification of the movie theatres, concert halls, as well as other different culture and welfare services (including participation of the famous performers) gave an excellent mark to our work after they measured the level of reverberation.

* Extent of improvement ISO 717/7 in impact sound resistance (approx. +17 db).

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