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Design plan and system specification for construction and reconstruction:

  • dwellings of cottage type
  • administrative buildings, offices, bureaus
  • objects of culture and welfare service, trade, public catering
  • apartments

We are ready to perform the following:

  • Projects of building constructions, units, details, foundations
  • Projects of inside and outside engineering networks and systems
  • Projects of interiors and improvement of personal plots
  • Technical supervision of construction
  • Supply of construction material to objects as a complete set
  • Submitting certificates for goods, purchased from "PROXIMA" Co. Ltd.
  • Object commissioning
  • Designing of ventilation and conditioning systems
  • Designing of lighting systems
  • Designing of exclusive interior systems (furniture, doors, luminaires)
  • Selection of equipment for audio and video conferences
  • Project of energy saving
  • Project of power network
  • Project of heating system.