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Our life is a symbiosis of the numerous small things, and each of them influence on us in its own mode. An uncomfortable work place, light or annoying colour of walls are able to make your work unattractive for you and every day will become a monotonous unlimitedness. In the other side the styled and well-equipped office inspires you to the work heroism. And after visiting of such firm clients always have the good impressions. And what do your clients see? The office accomodation is the face of your business, that"s why it is very important it to correspond to the company level and to assist to its prestige. Your office has "from the cloak-room" to incline to cooperation for even one grivna spent for the clients" attraction not to go to waste. And for the planned repair not to turn into the next problem. Don"t risk your money, trust proffesionals. "PROXIMA" Ltd is a stable company that works from 1995, license of the State commitee of construction, architecture and housing policy of Ukraine N 050903. The basic direction of our activity is fulfilment of the full cycle of repairing and constructing works. For the years of our work we have fulfiled repaires in the firms with different directions of activity (banks, ministries, representative offices, hotels, trade, insurance, legal companies), and now we offer you our experience in the "image office" creation.

We will offer you such services:

  • Free of money departure of specialists for inspection and measuring of accomodations;
  • Consultations of the architector, developing of the design-project with visualization;
  • Free of money estimate composing;
  • Fulfilment of all kinds of the repairing and constructing works;
  • Ventilation and conditioning systems installation, computer networks laying;
  • Furniture completing;
  • Warranty for one year for all the fulfilled works;
  • Discount of 5% for all repairing and constructing works that are to be done.

All our mutual relations are to be registered with documents. At first we compose an estimate. There the whole complex of the planned works and raw materials is presented in details. Be sure that no ignored works arise then increasing the repair cost.

After the estimate coordination the agreement is to be concluded. It drawn up so that you have the full conception about the terms and the cost of the repair. The estimate is composed in form of the agreement supplement and this confirms legally its exact fulfillment.

If in course of the works you bring in any changes it will be fixed in the additional agreement and as a result the terms and the cost of the repair will be revised.

After the acceptance deed signing you will receive the warranty for one year on all the fulfilled works. And if occasionally during operation the hidden defect is disclosed you will only inform us about it and within the shortest terms it will be removed at our expense. Believe that we value very much our reputation.

The most evidence of the trust to us is the fact that some of clients after the first reconstruction of their offices have repaired with our help their own flats. And the striking proof of the recognition of the professionals has become the article printed in the September issue of the magazine "Salon" of the year of 2001 which presents one of the last objects of "PROXIMA" Ltd.

As you can see the cooperation with us is comfortable, reliable and moreover profitable. The experience shows that the action program composed in details by an experienced specialist will economize reconstruction expences one and half times. Exact determination of volumes and kinds of the works assists to their more exact evaluation and decreases their total cost for about 10% . Add to this the discount, offered in this name. Moreover take into account that the documents correctly drawn up give an opportunity to reflect gross expenses in the tax stock-taking that decreases the profit tax and VAT amounts. That"s why there is a considerable economy of money that doesn"t influence absolutely on the works quality. As you can see it is possible with us.

Phone us right now on the telephone numbers in Kiev: 501-10-60, 403-61-09 (8.00 - 20.00). The detailed information about all services and about the company itself we can find on the pages of our informational and analitical guide PROXIMA