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We often can hear when they say about some vitally important thing: "It is necessary like the air". But have you ever been thought about the air itself? You know the reason of many dispositions and the quick tiredness can be hidden just here.

The most part of our urbanized life passes in closed apartments: offices and housings, public and entertainment institutions. That"s why our state and, thus, our health and capacity for work immediately depend on the microclimate created in them.

To say about the air we breathe it, it is to remind that the man daily breathes it amounted to about 15 kg. The content of the carbonic acid gas (CO2) can serve as the criterion of the sanitary state of the air. As an excess as a shortage of the CO2 are equally harmful for the state of the man health. In case of the CO2 shortage the work of the breathe, circulation of the blood and gas exchange regulation systems is in a bad state, and if there is an excess of it you can fell narcotic influence, headache etc.

The problem of the "closed apartments" grows as well with the fact that inhabitant of the modern cities have to breathe not only CO2 but nearly all the periodic table.

Of course, it is impossible to change at once the ecology of the whole city but it is simple to solute such problem in your office or your flat. With the help of the c specialists you will can live and work in the "natural" air environment in which you can breathe easily. The ventilation and conditioning systems installed by us will solute your problems of the air exchange and filtration, will present the coolness in summer, and the warmth in winter. The aesthetic aspect is surely taken in account in this work. All the canals and air tubes are hidden from eyes and don"t break the interior harmony. The internal conditioner blocks have an elegant design and look organically in any appartment.

"PROXIMA" Ltd offers you the following services:

  • Professional consultation in the equipment option regarding to your accomodation peculiarities;
  • Computer designing with the possible visualization of the future system;
  • Rapid and qualitative system installation;
  • Warranty service for one year.
We don"t sell the air. Its quality is our commodity.

The detailed information about all services and about the company itself we can find on the pages of our informational and analitical guide PROXIMA

P.S. Phone us and all your problems will be dispelled with the clean and fresh air streams. And you don"t have to go to the Alps.