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We welcome on the most popular portal of building subjects in Ukraine.

Our portal offers practical and information help all who plans the repair or construction. We Offer Your attention a thumbnail sketch main sections:

Building reference book - unique analytical information (more than 600 el. p.). The Professional analysis market building materials, as from histories of the appearance, manual to usages and using before the last trend and changes to concrete goods group. The Available systematization. Does Not are lobbied no company and goods marki.

Catalogue of building materials - if you search for goods - searching for on name of the companies, type to activity, description to companies, region, name of goods. The Statistics of the visit in concrete goods group. Prays-sheets in miscellaneous format. The Offers for dealer. If you manage selling the building materials, our catalogue will be single Your employee, which gratis works at You and daytime and in the night (even without dinner). Publichnosti statistics, references to your goods with search systems straight, searching for partner, possibility to place its advertisment in the most visitting put the building themes of the Ukraine, declare about its dealer network, attract the new dealer and a great deal another. This cost(stand)s Your attention.

Article on construction - beside us is collected more than 60 sections, which will be able to satisfy the most demanding reader. For the first time in C.I.S. more than 5000 !!! the article, собраных in Ukraine and Russia at period with 2001 - 2005. Here You may value the quality of the article on 5-ti ball scale, examine the most popular and the most interesting articles on chosen to subject or on section.

The catalogue of projects of cottages - more than 700 ready projects of cottages. Search of the project on the area, type, technologies of construction (25 parameters of search). Full visualization of ex-terriers with use of animation. Photos of the constructed houses. The general and technical information on each project: поэтажные drawings, cuts, increases. Regular updating of base of houses. A rating of popular projects. The operative order and modification in the standard project in view of wishes of the customer.

Building rating of the Ukraine - on сегоднешний day the most functional rating to building branch of the Ukraine. The Visitors installed our counters of our rating, get the status a PARTNER in Catalogue of the building materials (the provender site residing on free хостингах). If you YOU the steels участникоим the rating write ( and require the pledged status a PARTNER. Moderator will help You in this.

Catalogue useful resource - here You will find the ensemble of the references to useful facility on different themes. Call at and make sure.

About us - In this section You may detailed to get acquainted with some type repair-building services, provided to our kompaniey.

the Purpose of the making the portal :
1. Practical and information help all who plans repair or stroitelistvo.
2. Increasing to qualifications controlling, engineer, provision division workman and construction superintendent building kompaniy.
3. Create desk reference book for architect, designer, which without fall is useful in realization most амбициозных proektov.
Administration OOO"PROXIMA"

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